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The PROTAGONISTS are tables made from the boards of this historical stage floor and are available in a limited edition of ten pieces. They bear the names of the protagonists of famous performances played out on this floor during its 56-year existence.

Tables such as "Hamlet", "Richard III" or "Titania" are reminders not just of great performances but also their great actors, such as Paul Hörbiger, Gert Voss, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Annemarie Düringer and many more who once stood on those boards.

Tables made from the Vienna Burgtheater’s stage floor


Everyone wants a great part...

Each of the ten tables is dedicated to a protagonist in a different play. A quote spoken by the main character from the selected piece – engraved on a brass plate – is a reminder of the performer and the wonderful production that was performed on the historical stage floor of the Vienna Burgtheater. The name and the quote make the table inimitably unique. Each is a piece of art in its own right as well as a homage to art overall.



Oskar Werner 1955


It is worth the effort!

The historical stage floor is made from the wood of the tropical pitchpine. The slats are bound together in a spring-nut method and worked into a table surface.

With the help of ambitious young Austrian craftspeople the historical boards have been successfully reworked and transformed into high-quality tables. The use of other materials has added value.


Size: 220 cm x 90 cm

Heights: 75 cm

Material: Pitchpine, Brass, Steel

Price: on request


Boards that mean the world

The PROTAGONISTS’ boards have literally absorbed the passion of innumerable performances and represent the Burgtheater’s great past unlike anything else. THE PROTAGONIST carries theatre history written by artists such as Attila Hörbiger, Paula Wessely, Klaus-Maria Brandauer, Gert Voss and many more in about 19,000 performances.


You can read the special stories the stage floor has to tell in our Blog .




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